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Since the Great Ko’Ko lost his most precious feather, he’s been turned into a wooden statue on top of the Sacred Tree. The Ancient Forest has been dying slowly ever since....
Narrated by Peter Coyote, Ko’Ko’s Curse tells a simple ecological AR tale in which anyone can take part. Your mission is to tame little birds hidden in the tree, find the one who stole Ko’Ko’s feather and restore balance in the world....

Selections & Awards

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  • The Webby Awards, Official Honoree, 'Best Use of AR', 2018
  • Solothurn Film Festival, Switzerland, 2018
  • Future of Storytelling, New York, 2017
  • Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF), Geneva, 2017
  • American Film Institute, Selection, Hollywood (Los Angeles), 2017
  • VR Days ‘Best VR Game’, Amsterdam, 2017
  • Kaleidoscope’s ‘First Look’, Los Angeles, 2017


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